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We provide world-class business advisory and consulting services in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America with four primary business units:

  • Energy Services


A cleaner, abundant source of energy. We believe clean technology innovation will reduce environmental impact, while simultaneously reducing the cost of production.

We build and operate important energy infrastructure in Mexico, Colombia and the U.S., with a clear focus on leading the way in developing responsible energy solutions. Our unique combination of quality products, diverse expertise, and strong management set a powerful foundation for sustainable growth and a bright future.


Your first step to understanding the global energy sector and how you can take advantage of emerging opportunities. To understand the renewable energy landscape and evaluate how to progress with a transition to renewable energy and energy efficiencies to achieve low-carbon emissions. Our experience will provide you with financial analysis, comprehensive asset data, and vital insights into the global energy sector to help improve your bottom line.


  • Heat Exchangers
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • LED lighting
  • Cogeneration
  • Electric

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