The implementation of control systems in the industry.

The implementation of control systems in the industry.

Automation systems for waste control, lighting automation, energy efficiency systems, control and improvements in the generation of artificial environments by means of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors; for the automatic activation of fans or extractors, among others. These are the lines of action that the Process Control business unit develops in Transom Group for the international industry.

Control systems – such as SCADA software – are software dedicated to collecting information that was traditionally obtained in the field in an analog way, through the workforce.

Currently, a control system gathers the information for the monitoring, control and evaluation of the productivity parameters in the plant. Facilitating their storage in remote databases, guaranteeing access and analysis from a specific site, such as a control room or an intelligent device.

The great benefit that control systems offer for an industrial plant is the collection of data that ensures productivity for the future. Undoubtedly, the human factor is critical and susceptible to omissions of information, making projections with imprecise data feasible, creating inaccurate information, reducing the efficiency of the production process.

And in case of failures, it facilitates the root location of the failure, generating immediate solutions that impact the profitability of the plant. Allowing to prevent accidents, failures and generating accurate maintenance alerts, sending decision makers immediate notifications to promptly address incidents.

Currently, the industry trends regarding the implementation of control systems are directed towards the technologies developed in the Industry 4.0. Generating the interconnectivity of users from remote spaces through a software, achieving the collection of reliable data and generating accurate productivity analysis. Industry 4.0 allows us to be anywhere in the world accessing information from a particular space.

However, a weak point of this trend is the security of the data, since it is stored in virtuality, making it possible to steal it. Therefore, it is recommended that companies that use control systems also invest in systems that appropriately protect their information for the future of their organizations.

The implementation of control systems for the industry provides great benefits to its production plants and its work culture, however, there is a belief that its application will replace the workforce. Once people approach the system and learn to use it, they understand that it is a tool that makes their work more efficient, considering it a support for their productivity.

At Transom Group we take care to offer our potential partners quality solutions, focused on satisfying their automation needs in a comprehensive manner; covering the diagnosis, the development of the ideas, the basic and detailed engineering, the implementation of the project – contemplating the tests on site – the conditioning, up to the training of the personnel in the operation and maintenance of the control system.

If your organization is interested in starting to implement a control system in its production process, we offer you the following suggestions:

  • – It is not necessary to know the wide spectrum of the offer in existing control systems. At Transom Group we develop a technological proposal appropriate to your needs and budget.
  • – There is the idea that automation is a procedure that requires high financing, however there are accessible options.
  • – Be clear about the benefits that the implementation of a control system will bring to the profitability of your organization

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