The benefits of implementing photovoltaic plants

The benefits of implementing photovoltaic plants.

Since ancient times, sunlight has been used by humans as a source of energy passively, either for homes or to build greenhouses and generate the right conditions for the growth of exotic plants or seeds. Throughout the history of humanity, technologies have been developed for the proper use of this energy.

It is in the last decade of the twentieth century that solar energy began to be considered as an alternative to the use of hydrocarbons as an energy source, becoming a category of renewable energy, since it does not exhaust, does not pollute and also has a use potential in spaces from self-consumption to large industrial plants.

Currently, energy consumption trends in Mexico point to technological progress, to improve services in the quality of energy for the generation of services, and to be within the energy standards that the mexican standard establishes from the energy reform that the country implemented in 2013.

Given the potential that this technology presents, its application helps to improve energy services for the country. In addition, when implementing a photovoltaic system, a considerable improvement in voltage and power factor can be observed, reducing energy consumption, making the system in general more suitable and avoiding the presence of alterations due to mishandling and overload.

Generating benefits such as adequate energy consumption, improving its quality and mitigating fines for excessive consumption and for alterations in the power factor. In addition, to generate economic savings and position companies at the forefront of energy.

At Transom Group we carry out personalized solutions on energy efficiency issues, implementing strategies according to the needs of our clients.

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