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Work package 3 BMS & Temperature

Work package 3 BMS & Temperature Image

Business Challenge

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the main systems required to improve the environment inside an industrial warehouse.

In manufacturing, the environment conditions are key to improve the employee productivity. An employee that works with good conditions (temperature and humidity) can reach the target production effortlessly.

As a technological company, Transom was in charge to automate the ventilation system inside the warehouse in the assembly area, where the vehicles are in the final stage to be manufacturing.


Transom Solution

The automation consisted of to install temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors, inside and outside the industrial warehouse to collect enough information for the control system (implemented by Transom too), which compare and analyze the information to decide above which one supply or extractor fan will be energized to keep the best environment conditions inside the industrial warehouse.

The control system was design to work stand alone, without the human intervention, nevertheless it has the possibility to be handle remotely by an operator, because it was integrated to the Building Management System too.


Business Results

The tangible benefits of the solution are the comfort and well-being of the employees of the assembly area.

Thanks to the development of this project and the improvement done, BMW is thinking to retort this sorf of automation system in the rest of the plant.