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NAL Company

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Business Challenge

NAL company contacted us when they discovered the opportunity to automate their performance evaluation process, which was previously developed manually, using administrative tools. For the Human Resources department, it was a sizeable help to deal with that process in a quicker and simpler way.

With this system, employees are able to avoid the manual transfer of this information, it is more accessible, safe and helps to avoid friction between them. Heads of the department can now make reports with accurate data, getting said reports in less time.

Employee’s work is boosted by the evaluations made in different time frames.

Meanwhile, unionized and not unionized employees are monitored.

Moreover, the issue with workers not being able to use the platform simultaneously was solved.

More benefits that our customer obtained:

  • It is secured that all the objectives include the SMART characteristics.
  • It is guaranteed that the chief executives’ objectives are approved by Human Resources.
  • Time saving by linking employee’s information.

We will continue to work in the second phase of the project by making the platform more intuitive