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Application Development for Performance Measurement

Application Development for Performance Measurement Image

Business Challenge

Cummins was updating internal systems, digital platforms, and databases to create forms and capture information to improve internal audit processes in its manufacturing production lines. The systems to be integrated ranged from employee evaluations for its unionized personnel from all plants in Mexico to the management of engine inventory data utilized by the sales team.


Transom Solution

Using analyses of database functionality, Transom transformed disparate information into a programmatic language and connected it to angular technology using the Sharepoint platform.

Transom developed the ABC evaluation tool to create a variety of formats to evaluate and produce reports for every employee on its production lines. Connected to its payroll platform, the tool generates reports with automated performance calculations.

In addition, Transom designed certain electronic tools and reports for the sales team to review the technical characteristics of motors, distribution, location, and inventory. Ultimately creating a “manual” for the commercial area.


Business Results

Transom’s work resulted in 4 new systems integrating 20 very large databases with improving the process, utilization, and reporting capability with countless hours and costs saved.