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Algorithm to Improve E-commerce Cyber-Security Protections

Algorithm to Improve E-commerce Cyber-Security Protections Image

Business Challenge

All ecommerce needs to have high-security ranking for transactions with users and banks. Less risk and more legitimate transactions in ecommerce is essential to banking support for every company’s ecommerce business.

Strengthening the cybersecurity of a company’s ecommerce Application to reduce the number of “failed transactions” incidents was a challenge that Rappi wanted to solve in order to reduce risk, increase legitimate transactions and improve ranking and business with its banks.


Transom Solution

Transom provided the technical knowledge technology integration and together with Sift improved the purchasing process of Rappi users. Based on public domain data on the web, a minimum score of user incidents, and settings of circumstances and behavior, an artificial intelligence algorithm was tuned to conditions that focus on verification and authentication at different moments of the consumer journey.


Business Results

First, Rappi users benefitted from increased security protections provided by the Transom/SIFT application integration.

Second, with significant, double-digit, reduction in the number of non-legitimate transactions, Rappi obtained greater reliability for its end users and improved its reliability with banking relationships necessary to effectively conduct its ecommerce business.