Covid-19 or how to accelerate the digital transformation.

Covid-19 or how to accelerate the digital transformation.

The covid-19 pandemi since 2020 has generated structural transformations in people’s lives, because health measures forced propularions to stay at home and radically reduce physical contact between people, since in the face of the global panorama of increasing contagions, the conditions of coexistence were modified.

The traditional dynamics to carry out activities such as education, industry, business, public finances, entertainment, among others, were finding in virtuality the possibilities of interconnection so necessary so that in the face of a complex panorama, productive life could continue.

For mexican companies and businesses, digital transformation has become a central process in their operations, seeing the need to accelerate, rethink or start this transition, implementing digital solutions, automating processes and solutions, facilitating their collaborators to continue with their activities, safeguarding its integrity and avoiding stopping its operations.

In terms of economic development, remote wieking, online banking, and the vast possibilities that e-commerce currently offers are activities that have boomed in 2020.

Currently, the possibilities of having a smartphone are more accessible and the opportunities that the development of applications have shortened the digital divide, through daily activities such as ordering food at home, paying for services online and buying an item to receive it in the comfort of home.

These actions have boosted the economy and had a positive impact on the monitoring of health protocols that ensure the health of users.

At Transom Group we take care to offer our potential partners comprehensive solutions for the development of software tailored to the need of the organizations or business, through computer tools that promote creativity, allow generating improvements in communication processes with the environment and optimize resources in various field of action such as health, public finances, labour of industrial development, up to the viability of systems for the adequate protection of information.

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