Chatbot: Immediate customer service

Chatbot: Immediate customer service

Currently, the technology implemented in our daily lives makes us be in contact with the idea of immediacy, where it is required that doubts and needs be resolved quickly and in a timely manner, specifically in online market areas, where traditional attention to potential clients is transformed generating an interaction through chats, which in most cases are attended by people in reasonable time frames for messages to be answered.

However, these time lapses in service condition that sales can be made or lost.

Drawing a clarifying panorama on the solutions present in the market to implement alternatives on customer service and the market, Miroslava Rangel, coordinator of the marketing area at Transom Group, provides our readers with the trends that artificial intelligence has for the subject

Problematizing the situation, How can companies streamline their customer service?

Through artificial intelligence, with tools called Chatbots which, unlike a conventional chat, generate immediate communication channels to improve interaction with customers, helping to resolve doubts, billing issues, order tracking, update policies at life insurance, online shopping, among others. Through platforms such as websites, e-commerce, landing page, whatsapp or social networks.

What is the current scenario for the implementation of chatbots and in which sectors are they most in demand?

We are currently looking to increase consumer confidence to understand the benefits that this technology has for its growth objectives. Since use of these messaging platforms presents 80% success in very broad sectors, from the administrative, the attraction of contacts, the financial sector, the tourism sector, electronic commerce, and so on.

What are the benefits that the implementation of chatbots brings to companies?

A chatbot helps streamline customer interaction, optimizes lead generation, personalized marketing outbound; in e-commerce helps to recover sales from abandoned carts, increases sales, increases customer retention and recurrence of the same, helping to improve the return on investment and customer loyalty. Providing solutions at the moment and reducing up to 25% the waiting time in the answer. In addition to generating a 60% cost savings for customer service, observing short-term benefits.

According to your experience, when is a good time to implement a chatbot in a company?

In reality, there is no specific time to implement a chatbot for a company. It is such a functional tool that the maturity of the business does not matter. I consider it important to mention that it can be used by small and large companies, as long as they are clear about their objectives to implement them, which may be to increase their sales, retain customers, savings in operating expenses, among others.

Thinking about what you mention, what solutions does Transom Group offer for the implementation of chatbots to companies?

At Transom Group we have different platforms for the implementation of chatbots in companies. It should be noted that we generate personalized proposals to the needs of our clients. At first we make a diagnosis to offer the appropriate tools according to demand, to develop specific issues such as billing, updating policies, geolocation of establishments, offering the closest options to the client.

Finally, what recommendations would you give to decision makers who want to implement a chatbot strategy for their company or organization?

First of all, it is important to define the objective for which they want to require a chatbot strategy. It is also essential that those who want to implement these strategies have an open posture to acquire this system, in the sense that the personnel who manage conventional chats, think that artificial intelligence represents a substitute for their tasks. However, they are a support to enhance customer service. In addition, it is necessary to break the belief that these types of technologies are an expensive investment. Among our chatbot implementation projects, there are alternatives from $ 1,000 Mexican pesos per month, up to $ 20,000 pesos. I recommend that you approach Transom Group in order to locate the best alternative for your business.

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